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Domestic Arrivals

Australia has a wealth of holiday destinations and activities. If you’re looking for a holiday ‘close to home’, see our descriptions of what to do and where to stay.

International Departures

For those who want to travel abroad and experience a different culture and climate, there are plenty of activities and accommodation providers.

Tailor-Made Journeys

It takes many personal moments to know a place. Goodwings can take you to the heart of a culture through its cuisine, it’s traditions, and it’s ability to take you away from it all.

About Goodwings

A bit about me, more about you…

They say that there is almost nothing more beautiful than watching someone talk about something they are truly passionate about. Whether it’s a person, a place or what they ate for lunch, their eyes light up, and their hand gestures become animated, they describe every detail in such a way that you can feel their heart sing with the joy that they are able to share it with you.

Talking about travel and sharing my experiences with my family, friends and clients on a daily basis is like that for me. I’m not sure if people can actually hear my heart sing (that would be weird), but I can feel it. Knowing that I’ve the opportunity to share my passions with someone else truly makes my soul smile.

133+ brother-sister sayings and quotes (2019)

133+ brother-sister sayings and quotes (2019)

Bruder und Schwester Zitate Geschwister prozentual die gleiche Kindheit, die gleichen Eltern und das gleiche Zuhause. Infolgedessen teilen Brüder und Schwestern eine Reihe identischer Erinnerungen, Hoffnungen und Träume. Während Kinder, dein Bruder und deine Schwester...

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Respected Happy Birthday Dad Quotes and Wishes

Respected Happy Birthday Dad Quotes and Wishes

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Papa Zitate und Wünsche Für Einzelpersonen, die genug gesegnet sind, um einen Vater zu haben, als sie aufgewachsen sind, ist es weit von größter Wichtigkeit, Ihren Vater zu entlarven, den Sie für ihn sorgen. Einer der Wege, dies zu tun,...

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Happy Birthday Dad wishes & text messages

Happy Birthday Dad wishes & text messages

200 Weisen, alles Gute zum Geburtstag-Vati zu sagen Es gibt eine ganze Reihe von Möglichkeiten, um einen zufriedenen Geburtstagsvater zu erwähnen. Daher kann es schwierig sein, zu bestimmen, was zu sagen ist und wie man es ausdrückt. Für viele von uns sind unsere...

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“I have used Maya for all our corporate travel work for the past 4 years and I can confirm that her work is spot on. Always reliable, accurate and punctual. A critical part of corporate travel is to get the details correct. Maya does this every time. I highly recommend any business that needs someone who is available and always professional to use Maya at Flightbiz.”
Roby Sharon-Zipser

COO, Hipages Group Pty Ltd

“Maya is very creative in finding the great solution to every need,
at any time, in the best price.

It is great to know you have someone to take care of you at any time, when you need it.”

Nirit Eylon

General Manager, Dizingof

“Maya is a great business travel agent. Every trip Maya booked for me was never simple but she always booked it correctly and accurately and each trip concluded smoothly. Maya always made sure to call before and after each trip to make sure everything went according to plan. I highly recommend Maya and will definitely use her again in the future.”
Zack Levy

Chief Information Officer, Reckon

“Maya is an experienced travel agent and her expertise are corporate/business travel as well as leisure.
What i like about Maya is her dedication and ‘over-the-top’ service. Her service is quick, professional, efficient and focus on the clients needs.
I Highly recommend her professional services.”
Liora Sharoni

Owner | Founder, FLYoga - Acroyoga

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